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Stimulus: States still giving out stimulus cash worth up to $1,000

There are still 13 states giving out stimulus payments worth as much as $1,000 as Americans continue to struggle financially.

stimulus cash residents can see soon

Between gas prices skyrocketing and inflation making groceries unaffordable, people need help.

States are taking it upon themselves to give residents stimulus checks.

Here are 13 states offering tax breaks and stimulus payments to residents

Georgia is giving a one time tax rebate to those who filed 2021 and 2022 tax returns.

Single filers will see $250, head of household filers will see $375, and joint filers will see $500.

Idaho is giving $75 or 12% of 2020 taxes back to residents.

Stimulus: Three requirements for $850 stimulus check

Indiana is giving $125 to residents thanks to a law that returns excess reserves to residents.

New Jersey is giving a rebate worth up to $500 to residents with at least one dependent.

New Mexico is giving individuals $250 and joint filers $500 in July.

Maine has started a stimulus program that will give eligible residents $850 each this summer.

Stimulus: $2,000 water bill assistance for low income households

California is working on sending residents with registered vehicles $400 to offset the cost of gas.

Hawaii is looking into sending residents $100 checks.

Kansas is looking into eliminating the grocery tax in 2025, which is currently 6.5%.

Minnesota may offer a rebate of $1,000 and a stimulus check worth $500.

$1,700 checks for some couples this summer

New York could see a property tax rebate for middle class property owners.

Pennsylvania is trying to to pass $2,000 stimulus payments for households making under $80,000.

Virginia may pause gas taxes for three months.

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