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Taco Bell is bringing back a popular menu item next month

After many petitions and social media requests, Taco Bell is bring back a fan favorite.

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The item will return to the menu on May 19.

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Mexican pizza is coming back

In November of 2020, Taco Bell announced that they were taking Mexican pizza off of the menu because of financial pressures from the pandemic. Read more about it here.

Many Taco Bell franchises were ordered to trim their menus and Mexican pizza didn’t make the cut. After the company discontinued the item, they faced serious backlash.

In addition to petitions on the internet, celebrities like Doja Cat and Dolly Parton publicly requested that the pizza return to the menu.

Be the first to get it

You can get Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza before it is released to the masses. You’ll need to be a part of their loyalty program. If you join, you’ll have the opportunity to get the pizza on May 17, before it’s available before its nationwide release on May 19.

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