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Stimulus: Which states are offering a gas stimulus payment?

Gas prices have surpassed $4 on average for the country, but some states have seen an even larger increase. These states are offering stimulus payments or tax breaks.

gas pump where prices are increasing and stimulus payments are being given

Some states are offering their residents stimulus payments to help offset the expensive increase.

The war between Russia and Ukraine has only intensified the cost of gas, which was already rising before.

Stimulus for Gas: Who will get help as gas prices increase?

Which states have passed stimulus packages for rising gas prices?

Three states that have passed bills for gas prices are Connecticut, Georgia, and Maryland.

Connecticut has suspended gas taxes through June 30, 2022.

They have also eliminated the cost for public busses.

Tax filers may be surprised by $1,400 checks

Georgia suspended gas taxes through May 31, 2022.

In addition there will also be a tax cut.

Maryland suspended gas taxes, but it will only last through April 18, 2022.

Tax Rebate: Will your state be sending $500 rebates?

Which states are giving direct stimulus payments for the gas prices?

Idaho is giving back $75 or 12% of taxes paid to the state, whichever is greater.

Indiana is giving residents $125 payments.

New Mexico is giving some tax filers $500 for single returns and $1,000 for joint returns.

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