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Stimulus: Update on stimulus payments in the U.S.

Millions of Americans received stimulus payments after the pandemic which helped greatly, but some still need help.

stimulus check sent by the IRS

When it comes to the $1,400 stimulus check, the deadline to claim it is quickly approaching.

You can claim this by claiming the recovery rebate credit on your tax return.

New parents and some college students who were no longer a dependent in 2021 may be able to claim it.

This happens because the IRS was unaware of a new dependent being added to the family, or of a dependent becoming independent.

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Which states are offering a gas stimulus payment?

What is the average refund looking like with missed stimulus payments?

The average tax refund in 2021 was worth $2,827.

That was a 13.24% increase from the refunds in 2020.

The size of a tax refund this year is likely to be different because there are changes to tax laws.

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Who will get help as gas prices increase?

Changes include the stimulus payments and advanced child tax credit payments.

Those still needing to claim those payments will likely see larger refunds.

By filing electronically you will see your return processed and refunded much quicker.

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