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UBI: Single parents could see $600 monthly payments this year

Long Beach, California is starting a new UBI program set to begin this summer that would pay single parents each month.

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Applications can be submitted in the coming months in order to start the program in time.

250 single parents will be chosen to receive $500 per month.

In the future, the plans are to expand the program to pay 500 families the monthly benefit.

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In order to qualify, you must be a single parent household in the 90813 zip code and be below $27,000 for income.

The poverty rate is at 16.2% for Long Beach.

In the 90813 zip code alone, three miles holds 60,000 people and 30.8% are living in poverty.

In addition to the monthly UBI payments, parents can get free child care and help with transportation.

Deadline for $1,000 monthly payments for 36 months next week

Other UBI programs open to California residents

Long Beach residents may also be eligible for the Breath program out of LA County.

This program will give 1,000 randomly chosen applicants monthly payments.

The payments are worth $1,000 and will last for three years.

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