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UBI: Deadline for $1,000 monthly payments for 36 months next week

Next week is the final deadline for residents in California who want to apply for the UBI program that would guarantee $1,000 per month for three years.

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LA County is taking applications until April 13, 2022.

You can fill out the online application here.

The goal is to give financial stability to residents who have struggled to get by.

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UBI: Which Americans will see $36,000 in guaranteed income?

The program is called Breathe and was announced March 10, 2022.

1,000 applicants will be randomly chosen for the program out of all the applications submitted.

Those who are chosen will see $1,000 per month for three years, totaling $36,000.

Apply starting today for $1,000 guaranteed income for 3 years

Eligibility for the UBI program

You must be 18 or older to qualify for the program.

A single person’s income cannot exceed 100% of the AMI for LA County.

Homes with more than one earner cannot exceed 120% of the AMI for the county.

You must prove you’ve been negatively impacted by the pandemic and cannot be getting any other guaranteed income from another program.

One person per household can apply for the program.

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