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SNAP benefits coming to an end for over 600,000 Americans

More than 600,000 Americans will have their food stamp assistance decreased.

Groceries being bought with SNAP benefits

This change is because enhanced benefits are coming to an end.

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Where is this happening?

Indiana lawmakers signed a bill this month ending the increased federal aid in the form of SNAP benefits. Some residents have been getting enhanced benefits for nearly two years. Click here to read more.

The state has issued a warning to families receiving emergency SNAP benefits stating that May is the last month for the supplemental money.

Starting in June, SNAP benefits will be returning to the amounts seen prior to the pandemic. Eligibility is based on household size, income, and allowable deductions.

The number of residents getting the benefit has gone down over the last year, but they have not returned to levels from before the pandemic.

Almost 607,900 residents received SNAP, which turned out to be about $151,000,000.

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