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Taco Bell: Managers say you should avoid this item

What to avoid at Taco Bell

Taco Bell Island Freeze Slushies

If you like Taco Bell you might want to keep reading.

Managers say you should avoid this menu item.

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What not to get at Taco Bell

You know something must be bad if even the managers at the restaurant say not to order it.

An anonymous Taco Bell manager said that customers should avoid the Island Freezes.

The Island Freezes are slushies that the chain recently added to their menu.

The slushies come in two flavors the Wild Strawberry and the Blue Raspberry.

Usually you can’t go wrong with a slushy but that is not the case with these ones.

Several customers who purchased these drinks have called back to complain about the taste.

Even the manager themself called these drinks disgusting.

Customers are saying these drinks are way too sweet.

Here is what people think about the Island Freeze slushies.

It seems like this might just come down to personal opinion.

If you want to try one of these slushies you can use this link to find the nearest Taco Bell to you.

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