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Cryptocurrency: What to invest as a beginner

Bitcoin has really taken off in the world of cryptocurrency, and many people are wondering how to get started.

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The market for cryptocurrency is incredibly unstable, so it’s a good idea to do research before jumping right in.

Bitcoin is one of the biggest and most well known forms of cryptocurrency.

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About the cryptocurrency Bitcoin

Bitcoin was created by programmers with the name Satoshi Nakamoto, according to Marca.

Their real name is still unknown.

Many think Bitcoin is the future of investing and currency.

The value has gone up by more than 763% in one year.

Seneca Park Zoo accepting cryptocurrency donations for conservancy efforts

Necessities to invest in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin

  • Personal ID information
  • Bank info
  • Internet connection

Going through a stockbroker who already has all this information is an option as well.

How to start investing

  • Join an exchange for Bitcoin
  • Get a wallet for Bitcoin
  • Connect the wallet with your bank account
  • Place an order for Bitcoin
  • Manage your investments

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Types of wallets

  • Electrum: software for your computer
  • Mycelium: Mobile app for those using a smart phone

To be safe, it’s best to only use 10% of your investment portfolio for Bitcoin when first starting out.

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