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State taxes: When will I see my state tax refund?

Americans are preparing their tax returns across the country, and everyone’s looking forward to federal refunds. But, what about state taxes?

state tax return used to file your state taxes for a refund

Most states require you to file a state tax return in addition to the federal tax return.

Not every states collects income tax, but of the 48 that do, they’re using the April 18 deadline.

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Which states aren’t following the federal tax deadline for state taxes

Delaware, Iowa, and Virginia have a deadline of Monday, May 2.

Louisiana has a deadline for Monday, May 16.

When filing for the state, you’ll get a separate refund or bill from your federal taxes.

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When will I see the refund for my state taxes?

It depends on where you live for when you’ll see your refund.

Louisiana usually sends their refunds within 45 days of electronically filing.

Paper returns will take as long as 14 weeks.

Most states don’t give a definitive timeline though.

You can see if your state releases that information on their Department of Revenue website.

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State taxes explained

Each state’s government handles state taxes.

Your W-2 will determine your refund amount by showing which bracket you belong in.

You will take whatever the amount is from the state tax bracket and subtract whatever you paid.

The remainder will be your refund.

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