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IRS: Earned Income Tax Credit in 2022

The IRS has made a few changes to the earned income tax credit this year, making millions of Americans eligible for the bigger refunds.

tax return forms American turn into the IRS to receive things like the earned income tax credit

This tax credit is a break for low income workers, but this year many Americans who do not usually qualify will just one time.

Those without children can see up to $1,500, which is three times what it’s usually worth.

This expansion comes under the American Rescue Plan, a $1.9 trillion dollar plan.

Free tax filing options

If you earn up to $21,430 from work and you do not have children, you could claim the tax credit.

Workers ages 19 and older or homeless 18-year-olds who recently left foster care can qualify.

This program is aimed at combating poverty levels in America and was created by President Ford.

It brings over 5 million people above the poverty threshold.

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Tax Refund: Dates the IRS will send your refund

Claiming the earned income tax credit from the IRS

You may claim this credit when filing your taxes.

Those with an income eligible for the credit will also be eligible for the IRS Free File program.

No additional paperwork is necessary if you claim this credit on your 1040 free filing form.

Anyone with children claiming the credit will need to file Schedule EIC with their tax return.

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