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Food stamps: Millions see emergency SNAP today

One state has extended its emergency food stamp SNAP benefits, extending funding to thousands of Americans.

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Over 300,000 Virginia state residents will see additional support for themselves this month.

The benefits are being sent today, Feb. 16, by the Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, according to The Sun.

The benefits will go right onto their EBT cards.

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Other states seeing emergency food stamp benefits

New York residents will see a boost in their benefits this month.

1.6 million New York residents can use the program. The state saw over $2.5 billion sent out in benefits just last year.

The benefits help families that don’t get the maximum in benefits, helping offset the costs created by inflation.

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New Yorkers outside the City will see their extra benefits from the state up until Feb. 17.

Those in the City will see them up until Feb. 25.

In all, over 30 states are giving the maximum food benefits to residents.

Both Kentucky and Pennsylvania are included as well as North and South Carolina.

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