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Food stamps: Pharmacies and food stamps, SNAP, & WIC

There are various programs that offer Americans money to help pay for food, like food stamps and WIC. But which stores accept these benefits?

grocery cart filled with food stamp and WIC eligible foods in a grocery aisle

While a lot of stores do accept the EBT cards or coupons provided to people to pay for food, there are still many that do not.

It’s good to know which stores you’re able to go to with your EBT card and other benefits so you can plan your shopping trips.

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Food stamps: What can I buy with my SNAP benefits?

WIC and food stamp programs

The two most popular programs Americans use are the Women, Infants, and Children program, or the SNAP benefit program.

While both programs are designed to provide families with nutritional and affordable food options, both target different things.


The WIC program offers services to families like breastfeeding support and nutrition education.

The benefits are put on a WIC card that can be used like a debit card.

Pregnant women, mothers, and children qualify for this program.

Are SNAP benefits the same as food stamps?

Food stamps/SNAP benefits

SNAP benefits go to households that have low income each month.

The money is loaded onto an EBT card and used like a debit card.

Families receive benefits based on their income and household size.

WIC and food stamp use at pharmacies


Whether your local Walgreens will take WIC or EBT cards depends on your state.

The same goes for EBT cards.

States are often in charge of allowing certain retailers to accept these benefits.

You can call your Walgreens to see if they’ll take the benefits.

When will my SNAP benefits be reloaded?


Most stores take WIC payment.

As for EBT, over 6,900 stores accept it in 2022, but a few do not.

Call ahead to see if your local store takes the payment.

Rite Aid

Rite Aid does accept EBT benefits at all of their pharmacy locations.

If you are using WIC, you can call ahead to see if it’s an approved retailer for the state you reside in.

There are over 4,800 stores across America that give Americans the benefit of using their benefits at their locations.

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