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Cayuga County debuts black-owned business directory for tourism

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The Cayuga County Office of Tourism has unveiled a new online directory dedicated to Black-owned businesses in the area, accessible through their website. This innovative resource aims to boost the visibility of local Black entrepreneurs, offering a monthly spotlight that includes photos, descriptions, and direct links to the businesses’ websites. This initiative not only supports the growth of these enterprises but also facilitates community connections among them.

Highlighting the significance of such ventures, especially during Black History Month and beyond, the tourism office emphasizes the directory’s role in fostering investment within the community. By showcasing Black-owned businesses, they aim to celebrate cultural heritage and encourage both locals and tourists to explore and engage with these establishments.

Inspired by Harriet Tubman’s entrepreneurial spirit, the directory also seeks to honor her legacy. Tubman, known for her crucial role in the Underground Railroad and the Civil War, was also a successful businesswoman. The “Discover Black-Owned Businesses” webpage, available at, is a tribute to her and a step toward enriching the county’s tourism offerings with authentic and diverse experiences.