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WNY landlord group rejects ‘good cause eviction’ legislation

In Albany, New York, a landlord group from Western New York is opposing the “Good Cause Eviction” bill, which aims to protect tenants by preventing landlords from evicting them without a valid reason, such as violating the lease. Introduced by state Sen. Julia Salazar and Assemblymember Pam Hunter, the bill also seeks to limit rent increases to 3% or 1.5% of the Consumer Price Index, aiming to make housing more affordable and secure for tenants.

The bill has garnered support from many downstate Democrats who represent renters, insisting it be part of any housing deal that also includes a tax break for developers to create more affordable housing. However, the Western New York Property Owners Association, argues that the bill doesn’t address the issues it claims to solve, emphasizing that landlords aim to keep tenants in their properties rather than evict them.

Tenant advocates argue that the current system allows landlords to raise rents excessively and evict tenants without cause, often to renovate and re-rent at higher prices. Opponents counter that rent calculations should reflect the actual costs of maintaining properties, including taxes and utilities. While rejecting the “Good Cause Eviction” proposal, she acknowledges support for other tenant-friendly initiatives like the Housing Access Voucher Program, indicating a complex debate over housing policies in New York.