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Hornell kicks off downtown revitalization work

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The City of Hornell is set to begin a major construction project aimed at revitalizing its downtown area starting Wednesday. The initiative, known as the Downtown Revitalization Initiative Streetscapes, Alleyways, Wayfinding, and Public Art project, is launching thanks to the recent mild weather which has allowed crews from C.P. Ward to start preparations.

The first phase of the project involves the removal of trees, a move described by Mayor John Buckley as necessary despite the city’s pride in its greenery. Buckley assured that most trees on Broadway would remain, except those at intersections, with plans to replace trees affected by the construction later in the project.

Mayor Buckley has called for the community’s patience and cooperation during this “once-in-a-generation project,” promising that the outcome will significantly benefit Hornell’s downtown area. The project aims to enhance the city’s appeal and functionality through improved streetscapes, alleyways, wayfinding, and public art.