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Free tax filing options with the IRS

Tax filing season is in full force and millions of Americans are looking for free tax filing options with the IRS.

tax return forms to use for free filing with the IRS

There is a free service through the IRS that allows you to file without paying.

Around 100 million Americans are estimated to qualify for this service.

If you qualify, it may be worth looking into to save your money.

Tax Refund: Dates the IRS will send your refund

Do I qualify for the free tax filing option with the IRS?

The IRS offers a program called the IRS Free File Program.

It partners with the Free File Alliance and offers various tax prep companies for Americans to connect with and file for free.

Software includes TaxAct and FreeTaxUSA.

IRS: Free in-person help for 4 Saturdays

4.2 million Americans used the program in 2020 for their 2019 taxes, according to Marca.

If you have an AGI of $73,000 or less you can qualify to use Free File for federal tax returns.

You may use this services electronically.

IRS: Avoid facing delays when filing your taxes

How to use the free tax filing option

You need to first visit the IRS site to connect with a tax service.

The program was launched to use for 2022 on Jan. 14.

If you do your return online you’ll skip potential delays.

The same goes for choosing direct deposit as your way of receiving the refund.

If you make over $73,000 you can still use the free software through the IRS, but you must prepare your taxes yourself.

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