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Medicare: Open enrollment boosts smaller insurers

Medicare holds an open enrollment every year for new beneficiaries, but this year some smaller insurance companies saw a bigger turnout than they’re used to.

Stethoscope used on patients under Medicare who are finding new health plans

SCAN Health Plan out of California will be adding 62,200 new members to their insurance plans.

This is larger than their expectation, which resulted in a growth of 30%.

Not retired? You can still apply for Medicare

Why did a smaller health insurance firm become popular through Medicare?

CEO Sachin Jain, M.D. explains that word of mouth had a major impact.

Those who spread the information by word of mouth are pleased with their services, and often are the best form of marketing.

SCAN is part of the Medicare Advantage plans, and 25% of the people enrolling switched from UnitedHealthcare.

Will meals in hospitals be covered?

UHC and Humana continue to lead the in the realm of healthcare. Despite this, smaller insurance companies are starting to make their own impact.

SCAN is a non-profit working with Medicare and a great alternative for anyone untrusting of larger insurance companies that work to gain a profit off their customers.

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