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Medicare: Not retired? You can still apply for Medicare

Many Americans who have not yet retired don’t realize they can still apply for Medicare online.

Medicare health insurance card in front of American flag

The application for Medicare can be done right online with no forms or signatures required.

Apply and learn more by visiting their website.

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I have Part A, how do I get Part B?

Medicare explained

Anyone looking to enroll in this healthcare by age 65 must apply within three months of turning 65.

You must apply no later than three months past turning 65 to enroll.

These six months are called the “initial enrollment period.”

Some recipients can qualify for additional benefits with Medicare.

Will meals in hospitals be covered?

This includes payment for premium, annual deductibles, and co-payments for prescriptions.

You must have limited income and resources in order to get additional help with paying for healthcare costs.

You need to be a Medicare recipient living in one of the 50 states as well.

To see if you can get help with these payments, check here.

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