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Medicare: Will meals in hospitals be covered?

Millions of Americans rely on Medicare as their primary health coverage, and when they need help with food they wonder if it’ll help.

Medicare health insurance card with American flag in the background.

There are some options available to those currently on Medicare and in need of food.

This is if you are stuck at home and can’t go buy groceries or prepare meals for yourself.

I have Part A, how do I get Part B?

Medicare and food assistance in hospitals

Part A covers hospital services.

This means if you are in a hospital or skilled nursing facility you can have meals covered.

This means you must be in an inpatient service, and the meal coverage won’t extend to another location.

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Options for food assistance with Medicare

Medicare Parts A and B cover hospital and inpatient meals, but it does not cover meal delivery services.

For this, you need an Advantage plan that does cover it.

Medicare Advantage is Medicare Part C.

This is obtained through an approved private insurance company and can also help with your vision, dental, and hearing.

Some, not all, plans offer meal delivery benefits.

Be sure to make sure this option is included before choosing which plan you want.

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TRICARE coverage explained

Meal services offered

Each plan differs.

Some offer a service temporarily with a specific number of meals for a specific amount of time.

You may have coverage after being discharged.

The food offered will align with Medicare’s nutritional guidelines.

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