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COVID-19: An epidemic among deer

Although a variety of animals have been infected with COVID-19, the infection in deer has turned into an epidemic.

COVID-19 is an epidemic among deer

In Iowa 80 out of 97 deer tested positive for COVID-19.

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Are deer everywhere infected?

COVID-19 antibodies in deer have been reported in Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, New York, and Pennsylvania. There are millions of deer in the US and although it is unknown how many have been infected, the numbers are thought to be high. Find more information on it here.

The deer don’t really get symptoms from the COVID-19 infections, but that isn’t the experts main concern.

They fear that there is a possibility of another variant emerging from the deer whole have been infected. It is concerning because the potential variant could infect humans or other wildlife.

Because humans environmental contamination, like garbage or sewage.

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Does this impact humans?

Scientists agree that COVID-19 in humans is far more pressing than it is in animals.

There is a real fear of the potential variant to spread. Sarah Olson, an epidemiologist at the Wildlife Conservation Society, said “We can’t even control it in people. There’s hardly a chance we’re going to be able to control it in the wild.”

The COVID-19 remains hard to predict in humans, and proves to be even more of a challenge in animals.

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