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Universal Basic Income: Applications for $375 monthly payments end Feb. 7

Single moms in the South have an opportunity to collect a monthly payment worth $375 to help offset expenses with a new Universal Basic Income program.

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Birmingham, Alabama began accepting applications for the program on Jan. 31, and they will close Monday, Feb. 7.

The program is called Embrace Mothers and gives single mothers $375 per month for one year.

It started with a $500,000 grant to the city.

The program is working to help show the positive impact of guaranteed income to families throughout the country.

The city is not choosing the participants nor will they know who is being given the funding.

A random pool of applicants will be used to select participants.

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How to qualify for this Universal Basic Income program

110 single mothers from Birmingham will be chosen for the program.

Any female identifying mother who is caring for at least one child under 18 may apply.

There are some ways single women can qualify besides just living alone raising a child.

Mothers who live with their own mother or siblings, or another single mother, may apply.

Foster mothers may apply.

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Single family members raising a child may apply as well including grandmothers, aunts, cousins, or siblings.

If a single female family friend is caring for someone’s child who is currently unable to care for the child they may apply.

Mothers raising the child of an incarcerated partner may apply.

Mothers not legally separated but are living apart from their spouse and caring for a child alone may apply.

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How to apply for the Universal Basic Income program

The application process is one week long, running from Jan. 31 to Feb. 7.

You may apply online here.

The application will take around one hour.

You will be contacted directly if you are chosen by whatever form of contact you provided in the application.

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132 single mothers will also be chosen to participate in the research portions of the program.

They will not be provided with monthly income but can complete surveys throughout the program for compensation.

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