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UBI: Mothers can get $900 per month with this program

Washington D.C. is launching a program similar to UBI programs to help new moms each month.

cash spread out to represent payments from UBI or Universal Basic Income programs

New mothers in the Washington D.C. area could qualify for payments worth $900 each month.

The pilot program is called Strong Families, Strong Future DC and was announced Jan. 13.

The program will begin in Feb. and the goal is to help improve the health outcomes of moms and their babies in areas impacted negatively.

UBI: $850 guaranteed per month for 2 years

132 new and expecting mothers in Wards 5, 7 and 8 will be chosen to receive $900 per month.

The program will be researched to see how the assistance benefits physical and mental health outcomes for both the mothers and their children.

Eligibility requirements for the UBI program

Mothers earning up to 250% above the federal poverty line who are in their second or third trimester, or with a newborn three months of age and younger, will be chosen.

Claim $660 before deadline hits

Wards 5, 7 and 8 were chosen for the program because they have the highest amount of Black families. They also have the lowest household incomes with the least access to prenatal care.

Martha’s Table is running the research program, and if you want to see if you qualify you can call them.

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