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Walmart: 5 changes you should expect

Walmart is making some big changes.

Walmart store

With Walmart having 5,000 locations across the U.S..
They are  making changes that will effect everyone’s shopping experience.

Walmart stores introduce new wing option

5 changes coming to Walmart

Walmart is almost everyone’s go to store.

With there being so many locations its hard not to find yourself getting lost in one every now and then.

Next time you stop at one of theses stores it might be different.

Here is why

Layout changes

The chain is changing their layout to make it more interactive.

The company aims to have customers spend more time in their stores.

By adding sample products, corners with displays and room setups.

DiSanto Propane (Billboard)

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COVID resources

After making a deal with the government Walmart will now be handing out N95 masks.

The company is also working to offer 50 tests for a variety of sicknesses/ health issues.

Such as cholesterol, diabetes risk, food allergy tests and chickenpox.

New products

The grocery chain has partnered up with Einstein Bros..

And is now going to offer the Everything, Asiago, Cinnamon Raisin and Plain bagels in their frozen section.

Walmart majorly upgrades this department

Online service booking

The company understands that some customers might need more help than others.

When it comes to certain things.

You can now order delivery, furniture assembly and television mounting.

Bigger projects will require a quote which you can do on their website.

Upgraded produce sections

California stores will be stocked with produce from their partnership with Plenty.

They are now able to grow greens indoors year round.


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