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Walmart majorly upgrades this department

Walmart is taking their farming game to the next level.

Walmart's new vertical farming.

Walmart upgrades it farming department.

They’re now using vertical farming.

But what does that mean?

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Walmart’s new vertical farming

The chain recently announced that they signed an agreement with Plenty.

Plenty is a vertical farming company that grows indoors.

The company will start providing greens to their California locations later this year.

Using its new vertical farm in Compton.

Vertical farming explained

Vertical farming is a more sustainable form or farming.

This form uses less soil and water than outdoor traditional farming.

Plenty’s indoor farming allows multiple crops to grow on one vertical platform.

These plants will be completely unaffected by unexpected drought, pests and extreme weather.

These farming systems can be installed anywhere through out the country.

Maybe we will start to see them pop up in more places.

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