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Stimulus check: California February 2022 payments

California state residents have benefitted from the state run stimulus check program called Golden State Stimulus. There have been two rounds of checks for 2021.

stimulus checks with cash next to the American flag and Capitol building

The second round began going out in Oct. 2021 and continued through Jan. 2022.

$100 billion in total has been sent aa part of the stimulus package, but there is still time for residents to claim the payment if you were missed for a specific reason.

How does the economic impact payment work?

Feb. 2022 Golden State Stimulus II checks

The deadline to file your taxes and receive a stimulus check from the state of California was Oct. 15, 2021.

If you requested an ITIN, you may be entitled to the second check.

The deadline was set so people would file their taxes in a timely fashion, giving the California Franchise Tax Board time to determine eligibility.

Will I get a fourth stimulus check?

If you requested an ITIN before Oct. 15 but did not get it in time, you will likely be able to get an extension.

Workers that do not have, or cannot get, a SSN may apply for an ITIN instead.

This allows for people to work in the state of California.

These specific individuals will have until Feb. 15, 2022 to file taxes and get their Golden State II Stimulus check.

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