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Fourth stimulus check: Will I get a fourth stimulus check?

Americans are asking if there will be a fourth stimulus check in 2022, and while that doesn’t look likely, there may be other ways to receive stimulus aid.

Capitol building with American flag and stimulus check payments with cash

In order to get these payments, you need to qualify.

Many Americans are expressing the need for a fourth stimulus check as the cost of inflation surpasses the rate in which people are getting paid.

In order for Congress to pass a fourth stimulus check, a number of things would need to happen.

There is a very specific group of people who may see another check in early 2022.

Who can get a $1,400 check in 2022?

The federal government is still backtracking and issuing federal stimulus checks to those that might have qualified but were missed in 2021.

Parents with newborn children, adopted children, or foster children will be able to receive a stimulus check in 2022. This will be for a child they obtained in 2021.

This check is part of the original stimulus program under the American Rescue Act signed into law in March of 2021.

The $1,400 went to qualifying individuals and their dependents.

A single parent with one child saw $2,800.

IRS: Who can claim the Recovery Rebate Credit on tax returns?

What if I missed my stimulus check but I did not gain a dependent?

Some felt that they qualified but the government missed them. If so, they may claim the recovery rebate credit on their 2021 taxes.

This may have happened for various reasons.

Some people were abroad and did not get their check. Others were divorced or lost income and the IRS did not know.

Any missed payments will be part of your 2021 federal tax refund.

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