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Child tax credit: How much of a tax payment does each child get?

Tax filing with the IRS started on Monday, Jan. 24. The government has also launched its newest website to help those eligible for the child tax credit.

tax return form to submit to the irs for a child tax credit

The website will help parents to claim the second half of the credit after they received the first half in 2021. will help taxpayers but showing the options they have for filing as well as tools on claiming the credit.

There will be virtual and in person assistance for those who need it. Multiple languages are available.

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Child tax credit with the IRS under the American Rescue Act

Under the American Rescue Act relief package signed in March of 2021, up to $300 payments every month from July through Dec. were approved.

With that came an expanded child tax credit worth as much as $3,600.

This means parents can collect the rest of that credit this tax season.

Now that 2021 has ended, the child tax credit for 2022 has reverted to $2,000.

The age of eligibility for 2022 was extended to 17.

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How much will I get in my IRS refund for my child?

If you received the first half of your payment, you’ll get the second half by claiming it.

For children ages 5 and under, they were eligible for a credit worth $3,600.

This means if you received $1,800 in all from July through Dec. then you’ll see $1,800.

Kids ages 6-17 are eligible for $3,000.

If you received the first half worth $1,500 last year, you’ll see $1,500 in your refund.

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