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Child tax credit: Some received an incorrect Letter 6419

Millions of Americans are preparing to claim the child tax credit, only to find out some received an incorrect Letter 6419 from the IRS for their child tax credit.

IRS envelope for Letter 6419, child tax credit, with an American flag

The IRS took it upon themselves this month to send out child tax credit letters called Letter 6419.

The goal in sending these letters was to help people put the right information in order to avoid potential processing delays. This would happen if they handed in inaccurate information.

Now that families have these letters, they may unknowingly be providing the wrong information to the IRS. This will delay their return at no fault of their own.

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Why did the IRS send parents incorrect child tax credit letters?

Providing the wrong information to the IRS can create a variety of issues. That includes processing delays that make refunds take much longer.

The IRS is claiming that the reason for these incorrect letters was because some people moved or changed their bank accounts in Dec.

If a taxpayer changed their bank account without notifying the IRS, the direct deposit was likely marked as undeliverable.

The mistake is probably limited to a small group, according to Marca.

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If I got an incorrect letter for the child tax credit, what do I do with my tax return?

If you were depending on the letter for your tax return, you can get the correct information by logging into your IRS account.

The Biden administration has created a website. Its designed to help families claim the second half of the expanded child tax credit.

The site offers tools, filing options, and information regarding eligibility.

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