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Supply chain: Is there a shortage on oranges?

The U.S. has been dealing with various issues when it comes to the supply chain since the pandemic started, and now oranges are impacted.

oranges sliced on a cutting board, currently facing a supply chain shortage

This ranges from toilet paper, to hot Cheetos, and chicken fingers.

Most recently, people want to know where the oranges are.

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Orange shortage in the supply chain?

Florida’s orange season is from Oct. through June.

It’s expected to be down this season.

This is the second consecutive season it will be down.

We are currently in the third month of this season and so far the crop has been small, according to The Sun.

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This will make the already high prices higher.

In the 2020-2021 season there were around 44.5 million boxes harvested, which was down by 1.5 million boxes.

This year, there have been around 17.5 million boxes of non-Valencia oranges and 27 million boxes of Valencia oranges.

The last time a crop season was this low was in 2017-2018 from Hurricane Irma destroying the crop.

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