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Why is there a shortage of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos?

Throughout the pandemic, there has been a shortage of many goods consumers regularly buy.

Most notably was the chicken wing shortage, which drove up the costs in restaurants and grocery stores, upsetting people.

Recently it was reported that chicken tenders were facing a shortage as well. Chicken tenders have specific processing and packaging requirements when being manufactured. The necessary steps along with a labor shortage results in a lower supply of chicken tenders.

The latest food in high demand people appear to be frustrated over is Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

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Why are Flamin’ Hot Cheetos harder to get?

Many people took to Twitter to express their frustration after they were unable to locate the Cheetos.

Frito-Lay responded by saying they’re still producing the snack.

A strong consumer demand for Frito-Lay products has caused them to hire 15,000 additional employees in 2021. They plan to add 5,000 more before the end of the year.

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Manufacturing plants for PepsiCo, owner of Frito-Lay, are operating under capacity. Skilled machine operators are needed.

The company stated that they are working to invest in production improvements.

What’s going on with supply chain issues?

When the pandemic began, the world came to a stand still. This included manufacturing plants out of precaution for their employees health and safety.

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As the virus persists and new variants arise, production plants have not yet returned to normal.

The issues surround supply and demand are still persisting. Actions are being taken to help lessen them.

President Joe Biden required the Port of Los Angeles to operate 24/7 as supply issues continue.

If families shop less, the supply chain may return to normal some time in 2022.

It’s so bad that Kraft has offered to pay some customers $20 to not buy cream cheese over the holidays. This is due to a record low in supply.

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