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Food stamps: 6 states that take SNAP at restaurants

There are now six states that accept food stamp SNAP benefits for restaurant meals.

restaurant foods that certain recipients can purchase with food stamp SNAP benefits using their EBT card

42 million Americans nationwide utilize the program to help feed their families.

The program allows families who can’t afford enough food to purchase qualifying food items for their household.

Every state has different rules for running their program.

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Which states accept food stamps for restaurant meals?

There are six states accepting EBT payment for meals at restaurants.

These states allow recipients who are elderly, homeless, or disabled to use this program.

The program is designed for people who cannot store, cook, or prepare their own food.

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Arizona, Rhode Island, and California are all involved in the program.

Maryland, Michigan, and Virginia have programs in specific cities in their state.

Illinois and New York are working to pass laws that would do the same for residents that need it.

States must show the Department of Agriculture that some residents need this program to eat.

Currently restaurants like Subway and McDonald’s are in the program and accept food stamps.

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