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Food stamps: What can you spend them on?

Millions of Americans get help by using food stamps, or SNAP benefits, every month.

grocery store filled with food stamp SNAP benefit eligible products

The amount families received increased permanently in Oct. of 2021.

The average American receiving the benefits will see about $157 per month, a $36 dollar increase since the pandemic began.

Each month recipients are given their food stamps electronically through an EBT card.

That card is then used at accepting retailers.

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Food stamps or WIC benefits, which one is for me?

What can I purchase with my food stamps?

Most foods will qualify for food stamps.

Included foods are

  • produce
  • meat
  • poultry
  • fish
  • dairy items
  • bread
  • cereal
  • snacks
  • non-alcoholic drinks
  • seeds/plants that produce food
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Are SNAP benefits taxed?

What items are not allowed to be purchased with food stamps?

While most consumable items fall under the qualifications for SNAP benefits, there are others that do not.

Not included as food stamp eligible is

  • hot, prepared food
  • alcohol
  • tobacco
  • live animals
  • pet food
  • cleaning products
  • hygiene products

SNAP: How much you get in every state

Some states are working to allow the purchase of hot foods from select restaurants for those who need it most.

Vulnerable populations include elderly or disabled individuals who could have trouble preparing themselves meals.

Before this can happen, the program will need federal approval.

How do I qualify for SNAP?

Most people that qualify have a gross income up to 130% of the federal poverty line.

This means a household of four must have an income at or below $26,500.

There are different rules in each state.

In New York, the most an individual can get is $250, while families of four max out at $835.

Check requirements in your state.

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