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Food stamps or WIC benefits, which one is for me?

Americans have struggled throughout the pandemic to afford food, and food stamps or other assistance programs have proven helpful.

grocery store checkout line with products that qualify for WIC and food stamp SNAP benefits

There are various food assistance programs that can help individuals put food on the table for themselves or their family.

Low income households use WIC and SNAP as the most popular benefit programs.

How are SNAP benefits taxed?

The difference between food stamps and WIC

These two programs are both helpful in the way that they provide financial assistance to afford food, but they are different.

WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children. This program provides specific nutritional foods for this specific demographic to have a well balanced diet.

It’s short term and very time sensitive, given in the form of checks in some states for specific foods and the maximum price they can be.

Pregnant women, infants, and children can receive specific types of foods to avoid malnourishment.

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Food stamps: Emergency assistance for January

Millions of families in the U.S. use food stamps.

The program helps disabled and elderly individuals on a fixed, low income as well as working or out of work families under a certain income threshold.

A person that qualifies for food stamps receives a specific dollar amount every month and it’s loaded onto an EBT card.

Any store accepting food stamps will take the EBT card.

SNAP: How much you get in every state

Applying for WIC and food stamps

Find which department in the state you live in handles these applications.

It could be a family planning place or social services.

If you are pregnant and low income, you’ll automatically qualify for WIC after qualifying for food stamps.

SNAP: 6 states sending $157 in just days

Who is eligible for SNAP or WIC?

The most common thing between qualifying for these two programs is what your income might be.

Income requirements are normally the same for both programs.

Qualifying for one may help you automatically qualify for the other.

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