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IRS: tax refunds coming soon, be prepared

In coming weeks the IRS will begin issuing tax refunds. It’s important to make sure it’s deposited into the correct bank account.

tax return form from the IRS to file for a tax refund

Make sure to watch your mail.

This not only ensures you receive necessary documentation, but your address is correctly on file.

IRS letters sent for tax returns

Taxpayers should be receiving letters if they received either the child tax credit advanced payments or the third stimulus check.

Letter 6419 is for the advanced child tax credit payments. It has details surrounding what you’ve been paid and what you can claim.

Letter 6475 is for the stimulus payment.

The IRS hopes that by sending these letters with details for tax returns, it will help avoid processing delays due to errors.

If you did not get a stimulus payment but feel you qualify, you’ll need the letter to claim the recovery rebate credit.

For those who want the money sent to a bank account, make sure to match the numbers the IRS has listed with the account.

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Spouses will get two letters.

Envelopes sent to people with these letters will state “Important Tax Document” on the outside.

You may start sending in your returns on Jan. 24.

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