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How to file taxes for free with these services

Tax season is upon us, and many people are wondering what ways they can file their taxes for free.

tax forms with pencils and a calculator to file taxes

There are various options for filing taxes for free.

If you qualify, you could save money just by not paying to file.

Free services have changed this year, with some that used to be free costing money.

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Here are 3 free services you can use to file your taxes for free

First, the IRS Free File exists for lower income Americans.

The IRS announces free services for those that need it, and in the past TurboTax was one of them.

TurboTax won’t be an option in 2022.

IRS Free File is for those who make less that $72,000.

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The IRS partners with other sites that will file federally for free and offer help with state taxes.

If you make over $72,000 you can use the free forms but cannot use the state tax filing.

There are private firms that offer free services for certain things.

One example is H&R Block, where they offer free state tax preparations.

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They also offer free assistance for retirement income, earned income tax credit, and child tax credit.

Simple tax returns are usually easy to file for cheap or free.

The more complex the return becomes, the more private firms will begin to charge.

Finally, Intuit offers some free services to taxpayers as well.

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Intuit is the owner of TurboTax, and there is a free edition for simple returns with W-2s.

If you’ve used TurboTax before, the information from the previous year will carry over into the new year.

If you need to file any of the following then you will not qualify for free through Inuit:

  • Itemized deductions
  • Unemployment (1099-G)
  • 1099-NEC income
  • Stocks
  • Rental income
  • Credits or deductions
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