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Child tax credit payments and 2022 tax returns

The 2021 tax year has officially ended, marking the start of 2022. This means tax season is soon, and many wonder what child tax credits will do.

There was a large amount of changes in laws regarding taxes last year along with a number of stimulus packages.

The biggest was the advanced child tax credit payments.

Depending on what you received, your income, and other factors, it may impact your tax return.

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How the child tax credit worked, and why it will affect your tax return

Starting in July, parents could receive up to $300 for children 5 and under, or $250 for children ages 6-17.

The payments last for 6 months and in total were the first half of the child tax credit for 2022.

This means parents can claim the second half of the $3,600 or $3,000 in one lump sum this tax season.

There were some differences for parents considering other factors.

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Parents had the choice of opting out partially, or entirely.

This means if you still qualify, you can receive the whole tax credit this year.

Others possibly opted out in case they had a higher income in 2021 than 2020, meaning they knew they would end up owing the IRS money.

Some parents never filed taxes due to a low enough income, and will need to claim the credits this year.

Parents can expect a letter from the IRS this month detailing the amount they were sent in 2021 so they’ll know what to claim in 2022.

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Child tax credit in 2022

Right now Congress is trying to decide if they’re going to end or continue the child tax credit payments.

They’re also trying to decide if the payments will revert back to being $2,000 instead of $3,600.

President Biden originally wanted to extend the way the credit was in 2021 until 2025, but settled for one more year.

The Build Back Better bill did not pass in 2021, so there will be no advanced payment Jan. 15, 2022.

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