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Important dates in 2022 for Social Security payment schedule

The schedule of payments for Social Security benefits in 2022 has been released by the Social Security Administration.

Payments in 2022 will be 5.9% larger than payments in 2021 thanks to the increase is COLA to offset inflation.

This is the highest COLA increase in almost 40 years.

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Inflation rose to record highs this year due to the pandemic causing supply chain issues.

This increased the cost of goods and services across the board from weekly groceries to home heating bills.

What day of the month will I get my Social Security payment?

There are three payment dates every month and they always fall on a Wednesday unless there’s a federal holiday that day.

If your birthday lands on the 1st through the 10th, you can expect your payment on the second Wednesday of every month.

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For anyone with a birthday landing on the 11th through the 20th, your payments will be issued on the third Wednesday of the month.

People with a birthday that lands on the 21st or later will see benefits on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Here is the full payment schedule for 2022

January 2022

Second Wednesday, Jan. 12

Third Wednesday, Jan. 19

Fourth Wednesday, Jan. 26

February 2022

Second Wednesday, Feb. 9

Third Wednesday, Feb. 16

Fourth Wednesday, Feb. 23

March 2022

Second Wednesday, March 9

Third Wednesday, March 16

Fourth Wednesday, March 23

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April 2022

Second Wednesday, April 13

Third Wednesday, April 20

Fourth Wednesday, April 27

May 2022

Second Wednesday, May 11

Third Wednesday, May 18

Fourth Wednesday, May 25

June 2022

Second Wednesday, June 8

Third Wednesday, June 15

Fourth Wednesday, June 22

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July 2022

Second Wednesday, July 13

Third Wednesday, July 20

Fourth Wednesday, July 27

August 2022

Second Wednesday, Aug. 10

Third Wednesday, Aug. 17

Fourth Wednesday, Aug. 24

September 2022

Second Wednesday, Sept. 14

Third Wednesday, Sept. 21

Fourth Wednesday, Sept. 28

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October 2022

Second Wednesday, Oct. 12

Third Wednesday, Oct. 19

Fourth Wednesday, Oct. 26

November 2022

Second Wednesday, Nov. 9

Third Wednesday, Nov. 16

Fourth Wednesday, Nov. 23

December 2022

Second Wednesday, Dec. 14

Third Wednesday, Dec. 21

Fourth Wednesday, Dec. 28

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