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The highest amount in Social Security income you can earn for 2022 is over $50,000, but how do you get it?

The most money a person could earn off Social Security income for 2022 is a whopping $50,328.

The possibility of most Americans collecting that much in Social Security benefits is unlikely, but there are some things you can do to get the maximum benefits over time.

Most seniors who collect Social Security benefits use them as a main source of income, though they’re only designed to make up a portion of a retiree’s prior salary.

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The average monthly check for 2022 is just $1,657, making the yearly salary for a person on Social Security $19,884.

There are a small number that will cash in on a bigger yearly benefit salary.

Those collecting the maximum benefits, which is only a small number, will see a yearly benefit of $50,328.

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How some seniors are making over $50,000 per year in Social Security benefits

A person making $50,328 in 2022 is cashing in on $4,194 per month, according to The Motley Fool.

This is the absolute most the SSA will pay a retiree.

People earning that high of a monthly payment hit the wage base limit for most, if not all, of their 35 working years.

The SSA uses a formula that gives you a percentage of your 35 highest earning years with the cost of inflation over time added in.

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Once you hit a base limit for wages, or you simply made more than they’ll count, you’ve maxed out.

Those collecting over $50,000 for 2022 earned at least that limit for 35 years.

These people also likely put off retiring until they were 70 years old.

By waiting until the last possible year to retire, which is age 70, you boost what you’ll be paid each month from ages 66-67 (whatever your full retirement age is) until age 70.

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How many people collect the maximum benefits?

Most Americans aren’t going to collect the maximum amount next year.

Few Americans hit the base limit for 35 years of their working careers, and many do not wait until age 70 either.

Both of these are requirements to make that amount in Social Security.

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In 2022 the wage base limit has been set to $147,000.

This means people need to make that and it’s equivalent taking into account inflation for a total of 35 years.

Those that plan to try to earn that amount will need to have some sort of savings to tide them over and make it to age 70 before filing their claim.

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