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Do I need to pay back stimulus checks the IRS sent me by mistake?

Sometimes taxpayers make mistakes and end up with more of a refund than they should.

In these cases, what should you do?

The Sun reports that one Reddit user decided they were going to keep the cash.

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A 20-year-old shared on the infamous forum that they made an error when they completed their W-2 form in February before the first stimulus check was sent.

W-2 forms are sent in January for employees to look over and make sure they’re correct.

In this case, the person accidentally said they were not a dependent and received the $1,200. They then received the $600.

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While they have not been asked to return the money, they do not plan on reporting the mistake.

Other users have said they received checks twice after switching from dependent to independent.

It is strongly suggested that if you know you received stimulus cash you weren’t entitled to, you return it.

A fourth stimulus check

Americans are still calling for a fourth stimulus check despite that not looking like a reality.

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Other states are taking matters into their own hands as they give residents stimulus aid ahead of the holidays.

Santa Ana is giving out pre-paid debit cards loaded with $300 to help out households in the poorest areas of the city.

500,000 Maine residents received $285 checks for hazard pay because they worked during the pandemic.

California is also in the midst of distributing their Golden State Stimulus II checks. They are worth up to $1,100 each.

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