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Millions of Americans will see stimulus checks before the holiday, some as much as $3,000

Americans all over the country have voiced their concern with being able to afford things for the Christmas holiday. Many are asking for another stimulus check.

Even after the fixings for a Thanksgiving dinner cost much more money due to inflation, there is no fourth federal stimulus check in sight.

What is in sight however, is stimulus cash for millions of Americans from their local and state governments.

Four states and six cities have verified they will be sending stimulus aid to their residents.

Here are the locations that plan to send out stimulus assistance before Christmas

California began sending their Golden State Stimulus II checks. Those will continue through the rest of 2021 and into 2022.

Checks are worth up to $1,100 and residents need to have filed their tax return for 2020.

Residents need to have an income between $1 and $75,000 to qualify.

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Florida is sending checks worth $1,000 to teachers and principals. They began going out in Aug.

Maine started sending a one time payment of $285 to over 500,000 residents.

The money is hazard pay for those who worked during the pandemic.

In Maryland, low income families that filed for Earned Income Credit got $500 immediately. Individuals received $300.

400,000 residents benefitted from the money.

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Residents earning less than half of the median income in Seattle can see up to $3,000 from the Seattle Relief Fund.

Half of the median income for individuals is $40,500 and $57,850 for families.

The deadline passed Nov. 15.

Fathers in Columbia are getting a prepaid debit card that comes with $500 on it. It will be replenished every month for one year.

The program started in Sept.

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To qualify, fathers must be 18, a resident of Columbia, and must have been involved with the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition.

Chicago is starting a Universal Basic Income pilot program.

Families must earn less that $35,000 per year and are chosen at random.

New Orleans started a financial literacy program that will give teens and young adults $350 per month for ten months.

The program is to help young people learn to manage money and use banks.

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Eligible people will be between 16 and 24. They must currently be out of school or unemployed.

In Chicago 200 low income families will receive $500 per month for 2 years.

Santa Ana has sent $6 million dollars to low income families as part of the Revive Santa Ana Resident Stimulus Program.

20,000 families in rentals will get $300 loaded onto a prepaid debit card.

The cards will be hand delivered door to door Dec. 4.

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