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Politics: Let’s Go Brandon explained

You may have heard the newest political slogan, “Let’s Go Brandon,” whether it’s groups chanting, on signs, or even on merchandise.

But what does it mean, and who is Brandon?

The term “Let’s Go Brandon” first originated from a NASCAR race in October that happened in Alabama. Driver named Brandon Brown won the race, and fans were chanting in the crowd.

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The issue was, the reporter interviewing Brown said they crowd was cheering for Brandon’s win, but really they were chanting “F*** Joe Biden.”

About a week later the term took off as a synonym for what the crowd was really yelling.

While the reporter might have misheard, others believe it was a real-time example of fake news.

Now that the world has caught on to the meaning, the reactions are mixed.

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One church is Texas is now facing ridicule after worshippers were recorded inside the church chanting the phrase.

Oklahoma pastor Jeremy Coleman called the video gut-wrenching and heartbreaking.

The chants are also heard at a BYU football game where fans dressed as the Founding Fathers can be seen holding signs and chanting.


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Now the slogans are showing up on politicians face masks, on flags and signs in people’s yards, and even at the end of people’s obituaries with “#Letsgobrandon.”

NASCAR president Steve Phelps is not in favor of the chant that slams United States President Joe Biden, and stated they would be pursuing whoever uses the logos, adding that it is not okay.

He elaborate, saying it’s not okay to be using NASCAR trademarks illegally to create this merchandise, whether they agree or not.

Phelps also said after Brandon Brown won his first ever NASCAR race in October, he really felt for him after his win turned into a political chant.


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