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Social Security: Lost income? Recipients can lower Medicare payments

Some social security beneficiaries that have lost income during the pandemic may be able to pay lower Medicare payments.

This is also helpful as the cost of inflation continues to increase greatly.

Many who may more money are seeing surcharges as high as $356.40, but income-related adjustment amounts allows for many to appeal them.

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Here’s how to decrease your payments

Income-related adjustment amounts, or IRMAA, is decided on by the Social Security Administration using the most recent tax returns of claimants. The issue with this process is that sometimes the most recent tax returns are years behind. In some cases they are no longer accurate.

IRMAAs go into effect for those with a gross income that reaches the threshold of $88,000.

If it’s for couples, the threshold is $176,000.

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The greater your income goes above that, the higher the surcharge is going to be.

To appeal, fill out an SSA-44 form which asks the administration to reconfigure the surcharge they’re giving you. You also need to prove that you have a lower income than they think.

Proof includes paystubs or letters from employers that prove retirement, because many time the surcharge is based on taxes from when you were still working.

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