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What type of person is the least likely to contract COVID-19?

There are so many mixed messages out there regarding risk factors, immunity, and any other information about COVID-19, so who really is the best protected against the virus?

Many people want to know which immunity is better: vaccinated or natural immunity.

The CDC recently reviewed data focused on immunity provided both through vaccination and infection. Data reviewed was both published and unpublished information.

Unfortunately, COVID will be around until a high enough level of immunity is reached among the population.

The CDC’s final statement on the matter of which type of immunity is stronger, is that both being infected and getting vaccinated protects for at least six months. The vaccine leads to a stronger antibody response that appears more reliable than what happens to those who were infected.

Those infected have antibodies that vary from person to person. Those who are vaccinated have a more consistent and similar number of antibodies.

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