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How long will natural immunity last against COVID-19?

A study recently released by scientists in the United Kingdom shows that antibodies from COVID-19 due to natural infection will last at least 10 months.

The study looked at blood samples from individuals that contracted the disease when it first began during the first wave.

The blood samples showed people had antibodies that lasted 10 months past the original symptoms from the virus.

The reason for the study was to see how short the lifespan of antibodies might be past the original infection.

The study revealed that despite the waning of antibodies, they do last on average for just under a year past natural infection.

Whether people contract COVID-19 again depends on their immunity and how long it lasts. A study revealed that those infected with the virus might catch it every 16 months.

Natural immunity could last for at least 6 months past infection, but vaccines will last much longer and many people who have been infected still choose the vaccine.

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