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Seneca County leaders encourage masking indoors as COVID cases rise again

Officials in Seneca County are urging residents to mask-up as the number of COVID-19 cases rises.

Seneca County Board of Supervisor’s Chairman Robert Hayssen issued a statement on Monday, after the county reached ‘substantial’ spread- the category at which point the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends indoor masking.

“Seneca County is aware of the Guidance from the Center of Disease Control regarding communities with substantial spread of COVID-19,” Hayssen said. “Given the elimination of emergency provisions within New York State, I am encouraging masking in interior spaces, particularly for unvaccinated individuals, but am not able to mandate such at this time.”

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Chairman Hayssen said that a special meeting of the supervisors would be called if it becomes necessary. If not, the issue of masking will come up at next week’s full-board meeting.

“In the meantime, I encourage all residents and visitors to act responsibly and to mask as appropriate when going inside buildings or places,” Hayssen concluded.

Seneca County has a vaccination rate of approximately 44% at this time. Other counties, like Tompkins County have encouraged residents to mask-up. However, there has been confusion over how much weight those recommendations can carry.

Map showing Seneca County’s spread, per CDC guidance compared to other counties in the region.