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Citizen Appreciation program to be held for Town of Middlesex August 1

On August 1 the Town of Middlesex will honor three citizens during their Citizens Appreciation program.

The event will be held at the Middlesex Fire Department August 1 at 2 p.m..

Bob Miller, one of the honorees, has contributed to the area with 39 years of government service to Yates County. He worked for the offices of the county legislature and chairman where helped to design the buildings for the Yates County Court House and Office Building. He was the town supervisor of Middlesex for thirty years.

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Dan Paddock, another honoree, has a military career where he served in Germany and then in the reserves from 1983 until 1992 as a Sergeant ES. His service to the community includes being on the town board for ten years, the watershed board for five years, and projects in the community from town barns to sidewalks.

Lloyd Button will be honored with a memorial. He died in 2002 and was a chief of the Middlesex Hose Company, a leader and plant manager for the Emerson Produce Company, and the owner of Dudley Poultry from 1963 through 1984.

Paul Lee, a resident of Middlesex, is being honored for saving a couple in a 2019 housefire. He saw the fire and woke his wife to call 911 before entering the home knowing what the layout looked like to get the couple that lived there out.