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Seneca Meadows donates derby track to Cub Scout troop

BSA Cub Scout Troop 74 announced that their upcoming Pinewood Derby this March will have a new track thanks to a grant from Seneca Meadows.

Pack 74 is growing each year and adding more adventures/opportunities to their agenda. One activity that is a staple within Pack 74 and amongst all cub scout packs is the Pinewood Derby. The Pinewood Derby is a racing event for unpowered, unmanned miniature cars. With the help of adults, Scouts build their own cars from wood, usually from kits containing a block of pine wood, plastic wheels, and metal axles.

The pack’s current track is very old and is beyond repair. The pack has been raising money for the past 2 years towards the purchase of a new track and nearing their goal reached out to Seneca Meadows for assistance.

“Over the years Seneca Meadows has always been eager to help our kids, and this year they enthusiastically stepped up to help again,” said Angela Pullen Troop 74 committee chairwoman.

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