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Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office employee tests positive for COVID-19

An employee of the Cayuga County Sheriff’s Office has tested positive for the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Sheriff Brian Schenck announced Monday morning that the employee became ill with flu-like symptoms – and after testing – it was determined to be the coronavirus.

Upon learning of the positive test result the Cayuga County Health Department was notified and did assist with guidance to prevent further spread of the virus, Schenck says. Approximately 10 employees of the Sheriff’s Office have been placed on a voluntary quarantine for the remainder of the coming week and will be watching for any signs or symptoms of the illness.

He says no additional staff members have shown symptoms to this point.

“The individual that did test positive for Covid-19 did not have any contact with the public or inmates during the period of time when transmission of the virus would have likely occurred,” Sheriff Schenck said. “This person does not live in Cayuga County and is working with their local health department as well. We will continue to work with the Cayuga County Health Department on this issue.”

He says this case can serve as a reminder that it’s more important than ever before to continue practicing social distancing. “Covid-19 is here in our community and while we do not need to panic, we do need to be aware and take common sense precautions. We do have a number of our staff members on leave this week to protect our inmate population, our staff, and the public we serve; however, we do continue to have appropriate levels of staffing of our Sheriff’s Office in place to continue providing public safety services. Our mission is to secure and maintain a safe community for all citizens and we will continue to do so,” Schenck added.