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Ex-lacrosse coach won’t coach again at Geneva

The Geneva City School District and its former lacrosse coach have come to a settlement that allows him to continue teaching but prohibits him from seeking another coaching position in the district.

At a special meeting Thursday, the Board of Education approved an agreement between the district and social studies teacher Laurence “LJ” Russell, who had a 194-93 career record in 15 seasons as head lacrosse coach before being placed on administrative leave from his coaching and teaching positions in May.

The district did not disclose the reasons for his suspension, but the Finger Lakes Times was told by sources in May that it was related to concussion protocol.

In the agreement, which the Finger Lakes Times obtained through the Freedom of Information Law request, the incident or incidents related to concussion protocol are not outlined, but Russell is required to “engage in professional development in the area of concussion management.” The pact also states that Russell is prohibited from applying for another coaching position.

According to the agreement, the district said it had commenced a disciplinary proceeding against Russell in late June, but did not reveal any details of the proceeding in the document.

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